Mai 20, 2022

Accommodations in South Australia

Stunning natural beauty, wines of the Barossa Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula and the gateway to the Kangaroo Island, Limestone coast, and the Flinders ranges are an integral part of any travel itinerary to South Australia. If you want an enriching travel experience in South Australia then live and feel it the ways Australians do!


Most travelers visit South Australia for their share of adventure and tranquility. One of the most popular places in South Australia is the Kangaroo Island, which is a microcosm of diverse environment and landscape. Considered as one of Australia’s national landscapes, the Kangaroo Island has forests, beaches, deserts, and above all kickin‘ kangaroos!

If you want to explore something far different from the excitement of Kangaroo Island then make a family trip to the Australian outback. The outback is a completely self sufficient eco-system that is home to the Australian feral camel, dingo, and the donkey. Most of the outback consists of infertile palaeosols while a small portion consists of clay soils. Hence, this is a dry and hot place and some areas are even inaccessible!

Been to the Uluru? Also known as the Ayres Rock, this is a sandstone rock formation that contains waterholes, rock caves, springs, and ancient paintings. This is definitely one natural wonder that you don’t want to miss. It is also listed as a world heritage site. It is also home to almost 46 species of mammals and extinct animals like the extinct animals like the Common Brushtail Possum, Malleefowl, Rufous Hare-wallaby, Burrowing Bettong, Bilby, and the Black-flanked Rock-wallaby.

Travel and Accommodation

There are two options for transportation to Tasmania but there are many more available for touring within Tasmania.

Car: You can hire a car and drive down from Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Train: Adelaide is the main train station and is considered as one of the major hubs of the Great Southern Railways. Some of the train services to Adelaide include The Ghan, The Indian Pacific, and The Overland.