Mai 20, 2022

Australia’s Beating to the Rhythms of Shaun Tarring

Australia’s beating to the rhythms of Shaun Tarring and soon the Sydney Opera House will be too. On November 16, 2013 the Sydney Opera House and isowmail, the world’s first personal email system, is proud to welcome world music artist Mahmood Khan. Joining Shaun Tarring and Mahmood Khan will be some of Australia’s great musical talents including Tamasin Howard, Australia’s new singing voice. Live music will be provided by such artists as Mike Chin known for fusing the digital with the spiritual, Joe Manton, where bass knows no boundaries and Maharshi Raval, Australia’s most prominent tabla player. Such an extraordinary amount of talent will be present at the concert that it would be tragic to miss this amazing once in a lifetime experience, an event that whether you are young or just young at heart, should be treasured by all.

This concert is so much more than just a combination of incredible and amazing musical abilities, but it is also a reunion for the six highly talented musicians. Back in August of 2011 Mahmood Khan, was joined by Shaun Tarring, Mike Chin, Tamasin Howard, Joe Manton and Maharshi Raval for a live music performance of Mahmood’s 2007 hit „Like the River“ on the Kerri-anne morning show. Shaun Tarring now plays drums for Mahmood Khan in his band mahmoodkhanFunk on a regular basis.

Shaun Tarring’s drumming profession has taken him many places in his short existence, including to Heaven. Not literally, of course, but while he was attending the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2010, it did land Shaun a small part as an angel musical entertainer in an international short film entitled „Spirit-ED“. The film, set at a finishing school for angels known as, of all things, „Divinity“. Don’t go hunting for it at your neighborhood video store or even online just yet though, the aspiration of the originators of the short film is to be able to make it into a full length feature film. So at present they are keeping the short under lock and key and only showing trailers to the public, however, what they are showing is beyond a doubt leaving you yearning for more.

While Shaun, 28, did not play a considerably large part in the film, he was chosen for the opening scene for the film due to his phenomenal capacity for rhythm along with fellow student at the time Andrew Brown. Filmed while both Shaun and Andrew were Bachelor of Music candidates at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, they were both chosen by their teacher and the Head of Percussion. The performance that the boys were cherry-picked for, Beethoven’s 9th – Ode to Joy, was one that both boys knew well. The shot that made it exceptionally noteworthy to Shaun was that of an angel student on a surfboard flying through the air as the instruments and singing came to a final climax.

Shaun Tarring also spent a few years touring Australia with the Original Rock Show which gave him the opportunity to get some good experience in front of an audience.